Saturday, September 19, 2009

Entertainment for $1.00!

I found this bobble-head puppy in the $1.00 section at Target. We stuck it to the dashboard of our car on our last car trip and or Bubba got quite the kick out of it. There were several times during the drive that he was starting to get antsy in his seat. I would just have to point out the bobble-head and he would be content for a little while to just watch the puppy bobble away on the dashboard. Just long enough to get us to our next stop - or even to lull him to sleep for a nap!
When we got back from our trip and took the puppy off the dashboard, Bubba actually asked for him the next time we got in the car! So, now we have a bobble-head on our dashboard - a great entertainment for long trips or just trips around town!

That was definitely a dollar well invested!


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