Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Crafting Away Today: Thankful Tree for the Tiny Tots

Bubba and I put this tree together last night. I cut out the leaf shapes and wrote the words on them, drawing a simple picture of the things he is thankful for. He added the coloring (he loves coloring with the markers these days!).

I've been working with him lately, learning to say "thank you" for the things that he is given. We said "thank you" to Nana and Opa for his new bike. We say "thank you" to Mommy and Daddy when they give him the things he asks for. We say "thank you" to God for the many things He has given us!

When we made Bubba's Thankful Tree, I tried to help him think of the things that he could thank God for. I want to make it clear to Bubba at an early age that it is God who has given us all that we have. Bubba thought to thank God for his ball, our car, and his stuffed monkey. I added Daddy, our house, and the moon and the stars (he's really into pointing those out).

With his Thankful Tree hanging on the patio door, it's at a level that Bubba can see whenever he wants. That way, we can keep practicing saying "thank you" to God, who has given us so many good things!


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