Sunday, November 22, 2009

Crafting Away Today - Transform your vases with yarn!

I spotted this idea in one of my magazines and decided to look into it more.

Right now, all of my vases are packed away in the boxes that we're hoping to leave unopened until after the next move. I thought this was a great idea to transform even my regular drinking glasses into vases as I need them over the next couple of months! You could also use this idea to transform your ordinary vases for whatever the season may be. The Christmas colors at our house are blue and silver so wrapping a vase with yarn in those colors would make a great centerpiece for the dining room table.

As I was looking at this idea more, it's also something that would be very easy to make as a fun and unique gift. Walmart has several clear vases to choose from, some only $1 each!

And you wouldn't have to stop with vases, either. What about candle holders (making sure your yarn won't end up too close to the flame, of course)? Or tin can pencil holders?

Check out a great tutorial on how to make these yarn vases here.


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