Saturday, November 14, 2009

Get Free Baby Samples! is a great site to follow for freebies and coupons for baby products. The creators of the site are parents of triplets so they know the importance of finding good deals on diapers, formula, gear, clothes - everything you need for your baby! The site is updated daily and I'm excited to be one of its contributors! Check out my latest posting for a free Nursery Guide from Baby Dreams here!

Jenell and Kerri Mann have also written an ebook, the Free Baby Samples Official Guide, that is full of great ideas on saving money with little ones. The ebook contains an extensive list of companies to call for free baby stuff. I didn't realize how much companies will give away for free just because a parent calls them!

The ebook is normally $19.95 but is now on sale for $9.95!

After looking at the list of coupons and freebies to be had through this ebook, I would say you could easily make that money back and then some by following the guidelines in the ebook.

To find out more info on the ebook, click here.


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