Wednesday, November 11, 2009

How to Store Plastic Grocery Bags

I don't know if you were able to get in on the deal at Walgreens a while back when Huggies wipes were available for $.49 a container. Happily, we were able to, and I stocked up on about 10 tubs (with two in diapers, you know we're going to need them!)! Now that we're going through the wipes, I'm ending up with empty containers. I haven't thrown them away because I thought there HAD to be some good use for them - they seem so handy!
Then, today, I thought of a use for them! I keep old grocery plastic bags in each of the kids' rooms to use for keeping the smell down on those dirty diapers. We have a diaper genie for the "poopy" diapers but I was finding that the smell was still getting out somehow. We've been wrapping the stinky diapers in the plastic bags and THEN putting them in the Genie and this seems to have done the trick.
Those plastic bags can kinda take over the changing table, though, so I've been on the look out for ways to corral them a bit. We were using old Kleenex boxes which worked great, too, but the boxes fell apart after a while. So, now I thought I'd give these great sturdy wipes containers a try! I can stuff the plastic bags inside and pull them out through the hole in the top of the container! Anything has to be better than a ball of loose plastic bags on the shelf, right?


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