Friday, November 6, 2009

Morning Musing... My Me Time

Wow - apparently I really shouldn't have drank that glass of Diet Mountain Dew with supper tonight. I knew before I drank it that it probably wasn't a good idea but I drank it anyway. My thought was that I've got to be tired enough that it shouldn't affect me. Surely getting up with our baby girl 2-3 times a night minimum for the last 8 months would make me too tired to be affected by a glass of caffinated beverage in the evening, right? Apparently not.
But I'm trying to look on the bright side - I can finally start my Morning Musing posts! I've really been wanting to do this for about a month now but just haven't had the time or energy. I have fun typing my thoughts, I'd like to remember some of the thoughts that I have for longer than an hour, and I'd like to have more "meaty" post for my blog. All these things combine to motivate me to start blog about my musings... How often
will these posts appear? You'll know when I do!
So... to share what's been on my mind a lot lately. Goal setting. Time management. Organizing my life better. Self Improvement and thus Home Improvement and Life Improvement. The last couple of years have been an absolute whirlwind for us. After dealing with pretty bad morning sickness for half of our first pregnancy, then spending the first few months of Bubba's life dealing with his digestive troubles, then finding out we were expecting our baby girl, then having our baby girl when Bubba was just 13 months old, and now having been dealing with her digestive troubles for the past 8 months, it's been crazy! Most ideas of establishing routines or setting personal goals have gone out the window. I've very much been learning to live one day at a time because I could never know what the next hour would bring!
Now that things seem to be settling down a bit - for the time being - I'd like to see a few things change in my life. Life as a Mom posted recently about "Getting a Good Habit Going" and challenged moms to come up with at least one thing they would like to change for the month of November. So, I got to thinking about some things that I would like to change:
- Start my mornings between 6 and 7 am to give me at least an hour, maybe two, before the kiddos get up for the day to:
-Spend quiet time in the Word and in prayer
-Get back into journaling
-Drink my first cup of coffee in quiet!
-Plan my to do list for the day
-Get the blogging for the day started
- Read more; maybe a book a month? I find it really relaxing so... why don't I do it more?
- Finish organizing our new place since we're getting more settled here
- Be more proactive in coming up with activities for Bubba, especially learning activities
- Figure out a weekly cleaning schedule
- Show hospitality more often
- Get more exercise!
- Write a note a week to one of my girlfriends
- Get organized for the holidays
- Join a MOPS group
- Be more scheduled in my blogging - now it's pretty hit and miss but I'd like to have a set amount of time to work on it so it doesn't seem to take up so much of the day and I'm consistent
- Organize my coupons
- Do more crafting
- Learn to crochet hats (can anyone help me on this one?)
Okay, so I realize that's quite the list, especially since I've already missed out on the first week of the month. So, to narrow it down for the month of November, I'd say my goals are to:
- Get up at 7 am, at the latest, each morning
- Make a good dent in organizing the new place (aka. the fridge, our closet, the cleaning supplies - maybe we're actually not as disorganized as I feel?)
- Check a book out from the library (this will hopefully be a weekly trip that Bubba and I can make together)
- Plan 5 activities for Bubba to do each week until the New Year, including some fun holiday ideas for all of us
And I already have a call in to the local MOPS group about joining!
I'll try to keep you posted on how all this goal setting goes (hmmm... maybe I should add that to the list above).


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