Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Vtech Move & Crawl Ball Review

We got this ball for our Baby Girl (8 months old) this past weekend and she absolutely loves it!
It plays music and talks to her, all while rolling on the floor around her. It's hilarious to watch her sit there (she's not crawling - yet!) screeching and shrieking at the ball when it rolls out of her reach. Bubba (20 months old) also likes the music played by the ball and has been schooling our little girl in his "dance moves".
I chose this toy for our Baby Girl because I think that it will help motivate her to learn to crawl. It doesn't roll very far but rolls just far enough to be out of her reach at times. The different buttons light up as it plays music making it even more attractive for her to follow. When the ball hasn't been touched for a few seconds, it invites the child to "come and play" and rolls one more time. If it still isn't touched, it announces "bye bye" and shuts off. If it isn't switched off, the next time it is bumped or a button pushed, it starts playing music again.
I know, as a mom, you're wondering about the annoyance factor of the music. I haven't found this toy to be annoying at all. The tunes are melodious and not abrasive at all. The ball has a switch, too - off, low volume, high volume. The off button is great for when you don't want the ball getting accidentally bumped back on.
I would definitely recommend this toy as a winner!

You can get the Move and Crawl Ball on Amazon for $14.00 here.


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