Saturday, October 17, 2009

How I spent $1.23 @ Walgreens

I went into Walgreens this afternoon to pick up some cold sore treatment for one that is really bothering me. To make the most of my purchase, I did the following:

First transaction:

Vaseline sheer lotion - $6.99

Halls cough drops - $1

Total: $8.55, got a total of $8 in RR back

Second transaction:

Cold sore treatment - $6.99

Lip balm - $2.49

Minus $8 RR from previous transaction

Total: $2.68, got $3 in RR back

My total out of pocket was $11.23
I will submit the cold sore treatment to be reimbursed by our Flex account: minus $7
I have $3 in RR leftover

Which makes my total just $1.23 for everything pictures!


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