Thursday, October 1, 2009

How to save on Baby Formula!

Both of our children were born with a Milk Soy Protein Intolerance (MSPI). This means that their little tummies cannot tolerate any kind of dairy products or soy protein products (i.e. soy flour, soy milk, etc.). Our son spent the first 9 weeks of his life screaming while we struggled to find out what could be wrong. Our baby girl didn't have quite as hard of a time but we still struggled until we learned that her sensitivity is even greater than his was.

We were able to put our son on the Nutramigen formula, which if you know anything about it, you know that it's over $25 a can! Thankfully, I have been able to continue nursing our little girl by cutting all dairy and soy products from my diet (no cheese, no ice cream, no store bought baked goods, very few sauces and dressings, no fried foods, and I could keep going). With her intolerance being even greater than Bubba's, she can't tolerate the Nutramigen formula and would need Neocate. I thought $25 a can was bad with the Nutramigen but $50 a can with Neocate is even worse!

All that to say that while my son was on Nutramigen, the coupons that we received from Enfamil were a live-saver. Even if your child doesn't have to be on the special sensitive formulas, the cost of formula feeding adds up so quickly! I would recommend availing yourself of Enfamil's program! You'll receive in the mail periodic formula checks in increments of $1 to $11. You'll also get coupons for other baby related products such as baby food and eating utensils. Similac and Good Start have similar offers as well.
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Anne on November 7, 2009 at 5:55 AM said...

My DS is allergic to multiple things, including dairy. We also have to use Nutramigen and I found that Walmart and Target have the best price (20.98 and 20.99 respectively). I loved using the Enfamil coupons, but unfortunately, once my son got to a year old, Enfamil started sending the Next Step coupons which can't be used on the Nutramigen. :( He is going to be on Nutramigen until he's at least 15 months, probably even 18 months or so. At least he's drinking less of it then he used to!

wrknprogres on November 7, 2009 at 6:12 AM said...

Wow, Anne - I really feel your pain. I thought of one other way that I have saved on formula. You mentioned that you aren't receiving the right coupons from Enfamil anymore - have you looked on ebay for coupons? You might be able to save a bit of money buying them there. Or, have you checked to see if your insurance will help you out at all? Ours wouldn't help us but I've heard that some companies will help with a letter from your doctor stating the medical necessity of the formula.

Hang in there!

Anne on November 7, 2009 at 3:39 PM said...

Silly me, I never even thought of looking on Ebay. I'll have to try that, and I'm definitely going to take advantage of the Amazon deal.

We actually tried to get our insurance to cover the formula, but they refuse to. There's a loophole in the law that they don't have to because they are a secondary insurance or some such reason. We were really disappointed, but at any rate, there's a light at the end of the tunnel. I'm hoping to switch him to some milk substitutes by the time he's 18 months old or so. Even the most expensive milk substitute is cheaper than Nutramigen:)

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